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“I was really happy with the program at A Plus School of Driving…………they are the best!”
Erin K.

“The instructors are dependable, very patient and extremely helpful.  Thanks for making it so easy for me to get my license.”
Jon T.

“It was a pleasure working with A Plus School of Driving LLC ……My son enjoyed the training and passed his driving test on the first try.”
Betty W.

“Very patient.  Amazing instructors. I never felt uncomfortable or under pressure.  You made the driving experience fun and relaxing.  I honestly could not of had a better driving instructor.  You really took away my nervousness.  Thank you so much.”
Bridget B.

“This course really helped me to learn about safe driving.  It especially helped me with my biggest issue parking.  Now I feel comfortable and confident when I am driving.  I will definitely recommend this course to all of my friends.”
Jordan G.

“I love this school.  The instructors don’t pressure you.  I learned to drive defensively while having fun at a very affordable price.”
Lauren W.

“My daughter wanted to get her license real bad and my husband was not happy about it; so he tagged along on the first two lessons.  After that he felt comfortably letting her go on her own.  Now she is driving and we feel very safe and at ease because she was taught by a real pro.
Vanessa M